How straight does your car travel on a flat road? If you're not sure, you might need Jaguar Clearwater's professional alignment service. It will help your vehicle roll smoother in Clearwater, FL or anywhere you drive.

Our alignment service begins with a visual and mechanical evaluation. We will visually inspect your tires, and we'll assess your alignment with our alignment machine. This machine checks for proper camber, caster and toe values. Each of these values relates to your car's ability to roll straight. For example, camber measures how close each wheel comes to a truly perpendicular angle with the road. Caster judges whether your front and rear wheels travel in a line. Finally, toe assesses whether your wheels point totally straight when you center your steering wheel.

After our evaluation, we clearly communicate about your auto's alignment needs, and we only do work you approve. Your vehicle will travel better following our alignment service, and your tires should last longer.

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