The term hydroplaning refers to a situation that causes a vehicle to skid or slide while traveling across a wet surface. The problem happens when the tires drive over surfaces covered with more water than capably passes through the tire tread. Pressure builds in front of the vehicle, which raises the vehicle and prevents traction. Drivers then lose braking and steering control, which may lead to a serious collision.

Make sure the tires are inflated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Have the tires rotated as frequently as recommended to ensure even wear on all of the tires. When driving on wet roads, turn off the cruise control and slow the vehicle down. In this way, the tires to more easily divert the water. Avoid standing water if possible. Use caution on outer lanes where water has a tendency to accumulate.

If noticing that the vehicle seems unable to handle wet surfaces, consult with one of our Clearwater, FL Jaguar Clearwater technicians.

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