We can help you determine when it is time for battery replacement at Jaguar Clearwater. Understanding this issue may help you avoid the need to ask a Clearwater, FL neighbor for assistance due to a drained battery.

First, consider whether you need a battery replacement or just maintenance. Corrosion often forms around battery terminals. These are the metal posts that protrude from your battery. If you find corrosion on your battery's posts, it can be carefully cleaned. We professionally perform this battery service. Also, we can test your battery's potential to hold a sufficient charge.

If battery replacement is necessary, we suggest choosing a lithium battery over a conventional unit. While conventional batteries have started vehicles for generations using lead-acid power cells, today's lithium batteries are superior. They hold charges longer and provide 1,000% more starts than the average lead-acid battery. Clearly, choosing a lithium battery will significantly lengthen your car's battery life.

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