The new Jaguar XE is a spacious yet sporty full-size luxury sedan. The Jaguar brand is well known for producing vehicles that are long on power and performance. The 2019 Jaguar XE is just such a vehicle, and it has many performance features that bear this out. Included in this long laundry list of valuable features is at the JaguarDrive control system.

The JaguarDrive control system comes standard with the XE sedan. Drivers can easily change the vehicle characteristics at the press of a button. These specialized modes include Dynamic, Eco, Standard, and even Winter.

Jaguar XE drivers who operate in cold or wintry conditions can benefit greatly from using the winter driving mode. When placed on this setting, the Jaguar XE suspension system is on alert for icy or slippery surfaces and it automatically changes acceleration inputs to increase traction levels. Drivers using the Dynamic mode can experience the opposite effects with sharper acceleration response. Drivers who need to cover long distances efficiently can benefit from the gas-saving Eco mode.


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