The Jaguar XJ Delivers the Performance You Can Trust

Performance is one of the key features that people look for when searching for the right vehicle. The Jaguar XJ is built for performance and is capable of performing many functions that will enhance your experience behind the wheel. We feature this popular luxury sedan for you to view and test drive at Jaguar Clearwater.

With it’s 8-speed transmission, you’ll be able to enjoy a smoother ride while driving the Jaguar XJ. Gears on this transmission can be changed by easily moving the rotary shift with your hand to either Park, Drive or Reverse gear. The rotary dial can be risen to meet your hand by pressing the Start/Stop button.

The Jaguar XJ also comes with all-wheel drive to enhance your performance even further. To keep you safer while driving, the all-wheel drive system will reallocate torque automatically if your rear wheels experience any slippage. Traction is also improved when the engine torque is transferred from the rear to front wheels.



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