The New Jaguar E-PACE Puts the Style in Practicality

When people come to Jaguar Clearwater to look for a Jaguar, they're not always looking for a practical car. People have long associated the brand with fun and luxury. However, the new E-PACE is designed to carry passengers effortlessly and safely along with all of their cargo. Large items can easily fit into the trunk, which is cable of holding three decently-sized suitcases.

An optional powered gesture-controlled module lets you operate the tailgate without even physically touching the vehicle. Simply press your foot under one of the E-PACE's rear flanks and it opens up itself. It's perfect for loading up your purchases in a cramped shopping center.

Other optional extras, like a wristband that lets you unlock your car without even having to use a conventional key fob, add to the car's overall ease of use. Who would have ever thought you'd say that when talking about a stylish Jaguar?



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