If your car is struggling to start, it might not just be due to a dead battery. There could be some hidden problems with your ignition system. The starter could soak up engine oil if there are leaks. A broken solenoid won't be able to send current to the starter motor. Your car's ignition system needs to be serviced at your local automotive repair center if you witness any of these warning signs.

Listen for distinct sounds when starting up your car. If you hear a whining noise, you may be experiencing freewheeling. Grinding noises happen when the starter drive gear is not engaging correctly. Damage to the engine flywheel can happen if the gear isn't serviced, so this noise shouldn't be ignored.

There may be more visible clues of problems with your ignition system. If you see smoke, that could indicate an electrical connection problem or a short circuit. In case of smoke, and possibly a burning smell, call to have your car towed to your automotive dealer for service.

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