As a matter of safety while driving around Clearwater, staying on top of your vehicle's maintenance is of the utmost importance. Things such as your brake pads require routine inspection and replacement to ensure that your vehicle remains in the best working condition. You'd be wise to learn the function of brake pads to better understand how to maintain them.

Once you drive off the lot, your brakes play arguably the biggest part in keeping you safe. The wheels of vehicles with disc brakes are attached to rotors that spin in unison with the wheel. Calipers squeeze the rotors when the brake pedal is pressed to slow and stop the vehicle. The brake pad serves as a buffer between the caliper and the rotor to reduce friction. As you can imagine, they become worn and less effective over time.

Because of the risk that develops when your brake pads begin to wear, they should be examined and replaced on a regular basis. Different types of brake pads are appropriate for different types of vehicles, so you'll want to do your research before buying replacements for your vehicle. An alternative would be to visit us at Jaguar Clearwater for your maintenance needs.



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